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Excellent autumn feed

AKELA is a winter oilseed rape. It can provide excellent autumn feed for sheep and is also useful for finishing lambs in September.

AKELA can be utilised by dairy cows especially when the grass deteriorates late in the season.

This oilseed is beneficial as a cover crop. It provides good soil cover over winter to prevent soil erosion, produces large amounts of biomass, suppresses weeds and can improve soil tilth with its root system. Oil Seed Rape helps control soil-borne diseases. It improves reliability of response to added nitrogen and increases efficiency of water and nutrient use.

Any time another crop, such as canola, is added to a rotation, research has shown that the other crops in the rotation will generally yield better, and pest pressures will be reduced. Canola may offer potential for reducing Soybean Cyst Nematode populations, since certain compounds in canola residue are believed to suppress Nematode growth (more research on this is needed). 

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