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Very high yield

ACHILLES is a crossing between Italian ryegrass and Meadow Fescue and belongs to the ryegrass type of festulolium. The result is a variety with a very vigorous growth both in spring and after cutting, but at the same time also with a good persistence.

ACHILLES belongs to the same group of festulolium as Paulita and Perun, but with 4-5 days earlier ear emergence. This makes ACHILLES very well suited for mixtures where an early cut is desired. 


Excellent persistence in drought

PUCARA is a single cross between Lolium multiflorum (annual ryegrass) and Festuca pratensis (Meadow Fescue). This variety is the result of the selection of plants showing a biannual behavior and persistence.

It provides excellent persistence in drought stressed environments and in high temperature conditions. It looks like a tetraploid annual ryegrass. It has a slower growing at first, but recovers for a longer time.

The recommended planting rate ranges from 15 to 20kg/ha in mixtures with white and red clover. At planting fertilize with phosphorus according to soil analysis and N at tillering achieving 100 to 200kg/ha. It is also recommended to observe the crop during establishment for possible aphid attack that could delay the first cutting. 

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