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High yields 

FELDHERR is a high-yielding fodder beet with a light orange bulb colour. Due to its low bulb dry matter percentage, farmers often prefer it for grazing animals who are breaking new teeth or perhaps older animals with fewer teeth.

FELDHERR has a high proportion (60-70%) of the bulb out of the ground. It is a modern hybrid mono-germ cultivar with high quality seed. 


Great for grazing

TROYA is a modern fodder beet cultivar from the DLF breeding programme. It has been thorough- ly tested in NZ over three years, and has leading performance for yield.

TROYA has been very successful on many farms, and is used with many animal types and ages.

TROYA is a hybrid cultivar with monogerm seed. This results in very even establishment of the desired plant population, maximizing  yield potential and enhancing weed control. 

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