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Capstone Seeds Laboratory

Capstone Seeds Laboratory is a seed testing laboratory whose purpose is to test the quality of our seeds. We conduct purity, germination and moisture tests on the seeds. Although not ISTA accredited, our laboratory maintains the procedures and standards of ISTA accredited laboratories. 


The equipment we have is listed below:

2 x Growth Chambers / incubators

Refrigerator for pre-chilling (dormancy breaking methods)

Oven for moisture testing as well as for dormancy breaking methods

Moisture measuring machine

Balances (weighing scales)

Black eyed cowpea
Analytical Purity
Avena strigosa
Testing seeds
Testing Seeds
Seed Receiving Area-1
Lolium multiflorum-1
Work Stations
White Teff-1
Lab equipment
Chambers for testing
Lab technician
Lab technician
Seed storage
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