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Big Chief BMR - A true “break through”.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

This hybrid is a true “break through”. Combining both photo period sensitivity and brown midrib traits into one forage, makes this a near perfect hybrid forage sorghum.

The palatability of BIG CHIEF is so high that cattle will eat the stems down to the soil if not managed well by cell grazing. It is possible to produce 40 or more leaves in a full season.

BMR = Brown Midrib

Brown Midrib mutations in sorghum generally lower lignin content, resulting in increased fiber digestion with concomitant increased dry matter intake, higher energy intake, and increased animal performance. This provides increased daily gains in milk and beef production.

A farmer in Humansdorp, Eastern Cape area confirmed that he gets 2l of milk extra per cow, per day when his cows feed on the Big Kahuna pastures. Palatability is much higher because of the BMR gene.

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