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Poor Mans Lucerne

Drought tolerant

Sericea lespedeza offers numerous advantages as a forage crop. It is a drought-tolerant, non-bloating perennial legume; it is resistant to diseases and is rarely attacked by insects; and mature plants are quite competitive with grasses. It is much more tolerant of soil acidity than most other legumes and is also very tolerant of low fertility. Forage yields of sericea are good, and forage quality is better than most warm season perennial grasses. It is a surprisingly economical forage crop to grow due to the fact that it does not require any nitrogen fertilizer, It has also been well documented that sericea is an excellent soil builder. Lespedeza will grow on almost any soil. It does well on sandy and loam- type soils. Sericea is a deep-rooted perennial that also does well on shallow soils with drainage restrictions. 

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