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Easy establishment

SILK Sorghum is late flowering and has good re- sistance to leaf diseases. Its life expectancy var- ies from three to six years under normal condi- tions. It has been lab analyzed for feed value and found to have a protein content of 15% at the soft dough stage.

An erect, robust, tussocky perennial with numerous tillers and thick short rhizomes which curve upwards to produce new shoots near the parental stool. Culms solid and pithy, about 1 cm thick, sometimes reaching a height of 3–3.6 m. Internodes of culm may have a thickened ring. Leaves 2.5–4.0 cm wide, generally glabrous except for hairs near the ligule. Inflorescence is a large pyramidal panicle with secondary and tertiary branches, generally drooping as seed ripens. 

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