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Yellow Hybrid Maize

CAP 122-60

CAP 122-60 is a medium maturity, highly prolific hybrid. This hybrid has long cylindrical cobs. It is a semi dent grain type. CAP 122-60 gives high grain yields of up to 15mt/ha when planted under high population density of between 70 000- 100 000 plants per hectare making a suitable variety in high potential areas under irrigation. It is also suitable for low potential areas under low plant populations due to its’ prolificacy.

This hybrid should be sprayed for foliar diseases as it is susceptible. It responds well to fertiliser in high potential areas of main farming regions of South Africa. CAP 122-60 has 120-130 days to physiological maturity in warmer areas and 134 days in cooler regions.

    - Responds well to fertilisers, irrigation and high pop. density
    - Tolerant to Helminthosporium Blight
    - Tolerant to Stalk Rot
    - Susceptible to Grey leaf spot and rust
    - Grain yield of 15 mt/ha has been achieved under pivot
    - Silage yield potential of up to +75 my/ha
    - Good protein quality
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