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Tall Fescue


Boschhoek is ideally suited for Southern African conditions. Whereas most Fecues have relatively coarse leaves, resulting in lower palatability, Boschhoek, with its relatively soft leaves, is more acceptable to the grazing animal and therefore of broader use. It is also useful for sowing in heavy bottomland soils as a permanent pasture. Boshchoek can be grown under irrigation or where the annual rainfall exceeds about 900 mm and summer temperatures are not too high.

Boschhoek has high dry matter production and is bred in S.A. for Southern African conditions using dairy cows to select palatable plants. It is a tufted perennial with dense tillers and is used for grazing, silage and hay. It should be held over early autumn for good growth and is a variety that is protected by Plant Breeders Rights.

    -Good rust resistance.
    -Herbage production peaks in late spring /early summer and in autumn.
    -Quality winter forage (standing hay)
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