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White Oats


Oat grain is widely used by horse owners and other producers in feed mixtures. Well fertilised oats produces high quality hay and grain with high nutritional value. Oat grain that do not qualify for suitable grades due to low hectolitre mass values, is also utilised in the animal feed market. Oats plays a significant part in a balanced grazing availability program, with several cultivars suited for this purpose. The wide adaptability, nutritional value and regrowth characteristics of oats create the situation of availability grazing over a long period. Planting for this purpose can start in February and continue up to July.

For hay production under irrigation, the cultivar SWK001 can be planted from March to June at a seeding density of 40 - 50 kg/ ha.

    -Temperate, Forage cereal
    -Used for hay, silage, winter cover crops and graving.
    -Production period: annual, winter and spring.
    -Widely adapted to most soil conditions
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