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Bred for special purpose

Breeding goal was not a high yielding aggressive cocksfoot, which out competes other grasses after two to three years in the mixture. No, the goal was to find a cocksfoot that fits perfect into mixtures with perennial ryegrass where it is competitive, but not aggressive, and by the way to be more digestible than old cocksfoot types.


Early variety

AMBA establishes well and has a strong growth right from the start. AMBA has proved to have a digestibility on the level of the more late variet- ies. This is unique for an early variety.

AMBA has been proven to be a winter hardy vari- ety, which is tolerant to late night frost in spring. AMBA is tall growing and fits well in with mixtures with early tall growing grasses as well as red clover. When the first cut is taken at the right time before heading, no stems will be produced in the aftermath. 



Forage production all year round

Oberón was the first cultivar of Dactylis glomerata improved in Uruguay. Is a Synthetic cultivar selected in La Estanzuela for autumn-winter production, leaf health and persistence.


Oberón is a very persistent cultivar with rapid
establishment and good vigor, good healthy leaf growth throughout the year.



Early intermediate heading

It performed especially well at higher altitudes, where tolerance to frost and summer drought is important. This variety grows very fast after long and cold winters and can persist long
periods under difficult circumstances.

The Dascada variety is very leafy and
produces few stems. This ensures feed
palatability and quality

Dana 3.png


Winter Active

DANA is a late-maturing, highly palatable
cocksfoot grass that produces a dense, leafy
sward, without the bunching of traditional
cocksfoot. This variety is more winter active,
promoting earlier production in spring and
later production in autumn. Being winter active,
DANA is less winter hardy than varieties that
are dormant during winter. DANA is an excellent choice as it is drought tolerant and produces forage later into the summer. 

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