Sunhemp (Crotolaria juncea) is very hardy, grows rapidly and can produce up to 10 tons of above ground dry matter bio-mass per hectare. Sunhemp is a tall herbaceous annual plant with bright yellow flowers with roots that form numerous lobed nodules. It is preferable to then mow the crop and leave the residue on the soil surface to decompose. This protects the soil and cuts down on unnecessary tillage.


This plant is an annual climbing shrub that can reach over 15 meters in length. In many parts of the world velvet beans are used as an important forage, fallow and green manure crop. This plant is part of the legume family (peas and beans), it, along with the help of nitrogen fixing bacteria, takes nitrogen gas from the air and combines it with other chemical compounds so producing natural fertilizer and therefore improving the soil.

  • Brown Mix

  • Glenda

  • Dr Saunders

  • Bechuana White

  • IT18

  • Black Eyed Cowpeas

  • Black Oats

  • Targa

  • Red Dawn

  • Target

  • SWK001


Soya Beans. (The internationally used term is Soybean) 

Good for hot and humid conditions, soybeans add nitrogen, build organic matter and controls weeds. To get the most benefits from soya beans as a green manure crop, it needs to terminated prior to seed pod set. Sugar farmers have also been using Roundup Ready varieties of soya beans to control problem grasses and weeds like uBhabi, Bermuda and Paspalum Notatum however this is not recommended to become a common annual practice if not carefully administered  because of the damage that the spray chemicals can do to the soil after prolonged exposure and excessive use.

  • Fundacep 65RR

  • CAP EG 6.5 G3

  • Southern Blue

  • Leba

  • Southern Green

  • Sito70

  • Soil Buster

  • Black Mustard - Nemafix

  • Azuro

  • Karo

  • Bitter Mixed

  • Winter Oilseed Rape - Akela


Sudan Grass is a vigorous summer crop that will out compete weeds and is an excellent catch crop for excess nitrogen. Sudangrass reduces nematode and symphylan populations as it decomposes. Symphalan is a centipede type soil bourne pest that damages seeds by consuming the seed, roots and seed root hairs. It grows quickly and needs to be mowed or grazed regularly to control height which can grow up to 2 meters. Leave 15 to 20cm of stubble after mowing or grazing for maximum protection.

  • Piper


Multicut is an annual rapid growing sorghum and has the ability to yield 10 to 20 tons of dry matter per hectare. Sorghum-Sudangrass hybrids are unrivalled for adding organic matter to worn out soils. These are tall, fast growing, heat loving annual summer grasses can smother weeds, suppress some nematode species and can penetrate compacted sub soil if it has been mowed once. Followed by a legume cover crop, sorghum-Sudangrass hybrids are a top choice for renovating over-farmed or compacted soils. 

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