Ideal for early planting

FUNDACEP 65RR allows early sowing and harvesting which makes it ideal for early planting and double cropping. It has excellent yield potential.

FUNDACEP 65RR is known for high productivity, resistance to lodging and good health. It is an early cycle soya bean with a maturity group of 5.3 - 5.5. It has a low plant height and medium pod height.

It has a indeterminate growth type and is resistant to lodging.

100 grains weigh approximately 14.4 grams. It has a white flower colour and Grey pubescence with a light brown hilo colour. 

CAP EG 6.5 G3

Glyphosate tolerant (VI)

EG 6,5 G3 is also glyphosate tolerant soya bean variety, but maturesslightly later than EG 5,6 G2. It also has a yield potential of over 6mt / ha.


This variety is suitable for grain, mid-season cycle with a maturity group of 6 - 6.2, indeterminate growing and white flowers. It has about 58-70 days to flowering, 160-170 to maturity. Top yielding, adapted to very wide type of soils and weather conditions, its yield is very stable.