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CAP 122-60

Excellent Silage or Grain Crop

CAP 122-60 is a medium maturity, highly prolific hybrid. This hybrid has long cylindrical cobs. It is a semi dent grain type and is one of Capstone Seed's best performers and star products. 


CAP 9444 NG

Yellow Semi Flint Hybrid

CAP 9444 NG is a medium maturing variety with approximataly 120-134 days to maturity. It is moderatly resistant to Leaf Blight, Rust and most common maize diseases.


CAP 9006 Q

Highly Adaptable Hybrid

CAP 9006Q is a quality protein, yellow maize hybrid. It is used primarily as a silage hybrid, with deep yellow kernels. It has excellent disease tolerance to both cob rot and various leaf diseases. 


CAP 9-522

Excellent for silage and grain

CAP9-522 is a medium maturity, prolific hybrid. This hybrid has long cylindrical cobs with a semi dent grain. The hybrid has large plants. CAP9-522 has 110 - 120 days to physiological maturity in warmer areas and 134 days in cooler regions.


CAP 9-262 RRBT / RR

Excellent Yield Potential

CAP9-262 RRBT/RR is an early maturity, highly prolific hybrid. This hybrid has good standability, very good grain quality and excellent genetics. CAP9-262 RRBT has 57-65 days to 50% tassel. 90-115 days to physiological maturity. 2 heads per plant. 16 rows with 45 kernels per row (720 kernels per head).



Highly Adaptable Hybrid

Medium-late maturity. ± 130 – 135 days.
Prolific. At least 2 cobs per plant.
Shelling percentage van 83%
Medium Sprouts
Good standability
Good resistance against Diplodia cob rot


CAP 9-504RRBT_.jpg


Medium Growing Hybrid

Plant population of 40,000 – 80,000
Suitable for dry land or irrigation
Day to 50% flowering: 70 - 80 days
Days to physiological maturity:: 120 -135 days

CAP9-242 D.jpg


Rapid Growing Hybrid

Plant population of 55,000 – 100,000 
Suitable for irrigation
Days to 50% flowering: 57 - 65 days
Days to physiological maturity: 104 – 115 days

Yieldgard Maize 2 + RoudupReady Maize 2 Technology

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