CAP 122-60

Excellent Silage or Grain Crop

CAP 122-60 is a medium maturity, highly prolific hybrid. This hybrid has long cylindrical cobs. It is a semi dent grain type and is one of Capstone Seed's best performers and star products. 


CAP 9444 NG

Yellow Semi Flint Hybrid

CAP 9444 NG is a medium maturing variety with approximataly 120-134 days to maturity. It is moderatly resistant to Leaf Blight, Rust and most common maize diseases.

CAP9004 a.jpeg

CAP 9004

The leader in Drought Tolerance

CAP 9004 produces good yields even under low plant populations and drought stress. It has medium to tall plants with broad leaves and strong stalks along with good standability. 


CAP 9006 Q

Highly Adaptable Hybrid

CAP 9006Q is a quality protein, yellow maize hybrid. It is used primarily as a silage hybrid, with deep yellow kernels. It has excellent disease tolerance to both cob rot and various leaf diseases. 


CAP 9-522

Excellent for silage and grain

CAP9-522 is a medium maturity, prolific hybrid. This hybrid has long cylindrical cobs with a semi dent grain. The hybrid has large plants. CAP9-522 has 110 - 120 days to physiological maturity in warmer areas and 134 days in cooler regions.


CAP 9-262 BR / RR

Excellent Yield Potential

CAP9-262 BR/RR is an early maturity, highly prolific hybrid. This hybrid has good standability, very good grain quality and excellent genetics. CAP9-262 RRBT has 57-65 days to 50% tassel. 90-115 days to physiological maturity. 2 heads per plant. 16 rows with 45 kernels per row (720 kernels per head).