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Brown Mixed

Exceptionally drought tolerant

Mixed Cowpea is as the name defines a mix between a determinate and an indeterminate growth habit brown cowpea, very much suited to Southern African conditions. Cowpeas are sensitive to day lengths as well as temperature sensitive, which determines growth pattern. 


Highly palatable

GLENDA is a sub-tropical/tropical legume. It’s production period is annually in Summer. In terms of a morphological description it is determinate bush type with medium to fine stems. Its leaves comprise of three hairless leaflets; triangular to egg-shaped measuring 10 cm by 7-8 cm.

It is noted as being drought tolerant and serves well as a rotational crop due to a strong Nitrogen fixation. It is a highly palatable hay crop.

It can be used for grain production as well as hay and as a rotation crop. It is adapted to most soil types but one should avoid wet soils and try stay in a pH range of 5.0-7.0 for best results.

GLENDA should be planted during mid October - January. 

Dr Saunders

Tolerates drought and heat

DR SAUNDERS is a sub-tropical/ tropical legume that can be described as an upright type Cowpea with medium to fine stems. Its leaves comprise of three hairless leaflets; triangular to egg-shaped that are approximately 10cm x 7-8 cm. There are approximately 8000-15000 seeds per kg.

DR SAUNDERS tolerates drought and hot conditions as well as being a highly palatable hay crop. 

Betchuana White

Drought Hybrid

Betchuana White is a summer growing annual. It has an upright growth habit making the harvesting easier than the runner types. Betchuana White is used for grain/hay and silage. It combines well with maize, sorghum and millet.

The grain colour is white when freshly harvested. Grown in hot conditions, moderate acid soils and low fertility. It will not grow in wet soils as it is cold sensitive and doesn’t like high humidity. Plant in Nov/Dec for hay and Dec/Jan for grain. 


Drought Hybrid

The variety IT 18 was selected from IITA material and is widely used in SADC region. It is a semi-bush type, suited mainly to grain production and for its fodder value. 

The grain is a light brown colour and will mature in as soon as 90-100 days and can be planted as late as January. 


Black Eyed Cowpea

Ramrod is a bush type with an erect plant habit. Flowering days start on average 30 days after sowing with 1-3 flowerings depending on the soil moisture. 1st crop is the most important with bigger peas, the 2nd crop is smaller with smaller pea size. There are usually an average of 6-8 peas per pod. 

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