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Black Oats

Avena Strigosa

IAPAR 61 was selected by Instituto Agronomico de Parana, Brazil, (IAPAR) as a double purpose Saia oats for both animal grazing and as a cover crop. It has a long growing cycle which gives a longer grazing period.

The variety has a very good phytosanitary effect in terms of soil health and nematode suppression. The flowering period is usually by the end of October in our most conditions if planted in Autumn. 


High forage yield

TARGA has exhibited excellent early growth in trials producing an average 25% more dry matter than other standard varieties.

Tests indicate that TARGA will have a higher metabolism energy than the other three varieties when grazed late in the season.

Only certified seed of TARGA Oats is sold and the variety is covered by Plant Breeder rights in Australia and South Africa. 


Red Dawn

Adapts more to warm weather

Red oats are an annual grass cultivated for grain and fodder. Red oats adapt to warmer weather more than common oat and are more resistant to drought and make for palatable grazing.

RED DAWN is particularly suitable for grazing. It has a high tilling capacity and good disease resistance. 


Medium maturity

TARGET is a tall, medium maturing, older hay va- riety. TARGET has a preferred rainfall of 350mm+ and a preferred pH level of 5-8.

TARGET is compatible with most soil types and is usually sown with a sowing rate of 60-120 kg/ha (pure). Target has a good straw strength with medium height.

TARGET is a dual purpose oat that has good grain quality and can be grazed if the season allows. It has an intermediate resistance to Septoria but a susceptibility to stem and Leaf Rust. 


Widely adapted to most soil conditions

commonly used for grain production both for
animal and human consumption. Its use as a
forage crop is not so commonly known compared to AVENA BYZANTINA (RED OATS), which is preferred because of the better adaptation to direct grazing.


The advantage of AVENA SATIVA (WHITE OATS), is that it grows fast.(55 days to the first  grazing), a growth rate similar only to that of barley or black oats.



Late Flowering

Brunswick is our newest white oat (avena
sativa). Targa is and will likely remain our stalwart variety, for sometime. Nevertheless we
have identified brunswick as our new champion. Brunswick has a very late heading
date producing very high quality hay and grazing



High forage production

KOMPASBERG is an annual temperate grass
suitable for grain production, hay, silage, grazing and a companion crop. Ideal planting time ranges during January to May.

Seeding rate of 40 – 65 kg/ha dryland and
75 – 100 kg/ha irrigated.

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