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CAP 2000 (PBR)

Speckled Sugar Bean (Cranberry) 

CAP 2000 has an indeterminate growth habit with a few short and upright branches. It is also known to grow after flowering. It has a growth season of approximately 100 days. In every 50 grams of product there are 10 seeds.

It is moderately susceptible to lodging with a good resistance to shattering. It is also moderately resistant to rust. 

CAP 2001 (PBR)

Speckled Sugar Bean (Cranberry) 

CAP 2001 has a determinate, bush type, growth habit. It’s growing season is approximately 90 days. There are roughly 10 seeds for every 50 grams of product.

In terms of lodging it is considered to be moderately susceptible, however it is moderately resistant to rust. CAP 2001 has a yield potential of 3 mt plus per hectare. Mechanical harvesting is possible if a high enough plant population is planted. CAP 2001 is usually ready to harvest 3-4 weeks before most other sugarbean varieties. 

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