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SA Brown

Quick maturing

A summer annual, maturing quickly in 10 – 12 weeks SA brown grows under a wide range of conditions

It is an annual grass used mainly for hay. It is normally established in the summer months

Being shallow-rooted and small seeded, a fine firm seedbed is essential for establishment. 


Bred for bulk

A re-look at Teff has been a long time coming. Capstone Seeds is now in the process of releas- ing a couple of new varieties, one of which is Em- erald. Emerald is a multi-purpose, white seeded type suitable for hay, grazing or grain.

This plant is leafier and has softer leaves than the traditional S.A. Brown variety. This means that although it still has an application for hay, it can also add grazing to its repertoire of purposes. 


Taller growing, multi-purpose

Ivory is also a white-seeded teff with a compact, red-tinged inflorescence. The variety has a broad leaf and stem width and is also medium flower- ing. It is taller growing than SA Brown. IVORY is also a multi-purpose type, but for hay production, silage and grazing the sowing rate will have to be increased to effect a dense sward resulting in reduced leaf and stem width. 


Multi-purpose, semi-compact

A white-seeded teff with a semi-compact to open, dark green inflorescence. It is generally taller growing than S.A. Brown and is a multi-purpose type suitable for hay, silage, grain and grazing. This variety has medium leaf and stem width and is medium flowering (S.A. Brown is early)

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