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Summer Annual Legume


Sunhemp (Crotolaria juncea) is very hardy, grows rapidly and can produce up to 10 tons of above ground dry matter bio-mass per hectare. Sunhemp is a tall herbaceous annual plant with bright yellow flowers with roots that form numerous lobed nodules. It is preferable to then mow the crop and leave the residue on the soil surface to decompose. This protects the soil and cuts down on unnecessary tillage.

    - Short day annual, 1- 4 m in height
    - Stems up to 2 cm in diameter, cylindrical & ribbed
    - Leaves simple, strong taproot with well developed lateral roots
    - Branched & lobed nodules, up to 2.5 cm in length
    - Flowering indeterminate
    - Seed weight +/- 18 000 to 35 000 per kg
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