CAP 1002

Red Hybrid, High Tannin

CAP 1002 is a dual purpose sorghum as it can be used for both grain and silage. It has a plant height of 180cm and reaches 50% flowering at around 75 days. It is resistant to root rot and has a compact head density.

It is medium tillering but has a high resistance to MDMV. The stem palatability and digestibility are very good. It is highly bird proof due to the tannins in the grain. 

CAP 1003

Red Hybrid, High Tannin

CAP 1003 is a shorter grower with a height maturity of 140cm. It takes approximately 70 days to reach 50% flower. It is noted as being resistance to lodging behavior. It is highly bird poof due to the high tannin content. It has a medium tillering profile and high resistance to MDMV. CAP 1003 has a Semi Lax head density. 

CAP 1004

White Hybrid, Low Tannin

CAP 1004 has a duration of 100-105 days and a plant height of 180-190cm. It has a dark green leaf colour and semi erect leaf position. The stem is regarded as being thick with an earhead exertion that is exerted and an earhead shape that is long and cylindrical. It’s earhead is semi compact.

It has a straw coloured glume with medium bold seed size. 1000 seeds weigh around 28-30 grams. It has an easy thresh ability. 

CAP 1005

Red Sorghum, Low Tannin 

CAP 1005 is a hybrid grain sorghum with very good uniformity and threshability.

On average CAP 1005 takes approximately 80-85 days to reach 50% flower, and can be harvested after 140-145 approximately . This variety can reach heights of up to 155cm at maturity.

Notably CAP 1005 has good stand-ability, head- smut tolerance and leaf disease and stem rots tolerance.

CAP 1005 makes for an all-round great sor- ghum for both silage and grain.