Feed in time of need

Speedfeed should be planted in October, November or December. Speedfeed is good herbage for dairy cattle, growing calves and horses. There is no danger of prussic acid poisoning. Speedfeed has a very fast germination rate. Speedfeed tolerates poor or acid soils better than maize and forage sorghum

Speedfeed has a higher sugar content and improved rust tolerance. Speedfeed is also noted as being very drought tolerant and a warm season annual grass adapted to sandy soils and well-drained heavier soils. Speedfeed is economical — it has a plant population of 5-8kg/ha and can be used for grazing, hay and green chop and silage 

Speedfeed Super

For grain and forage use

Super Millet will grow taller than Speedfeed making it better suited for silage. Speedfeed has better regrowth for grazing purposes. It is important to note that Capstone Seeds is releasing BMR and late maturing forage Pearl Millet this season.

The plant is robust with a duration of 80-85 days. The plant grows to a height of 200-210cm and has 3-4 tillers. It is pigmented a dark green with cylindrical and highly compact earheads that are 3.8-4cm in diameter. They are usually 28-30cm in length with no bristles.

The anther is noted as being light yellow in colour that turns brown. Its grain is dark grey and large. The plant is noted to reach 50% flower after 53-55 days. It is resistant to downey mildew.