CAP 4001

Medium season maturing

CAP 4001 is a medium season maturing variety. It reaches 50% flowering in 63-65 days and 95- 100 days to maturity. At maturity it reaches a plant height of 160-180cm with a head diameter of 24-26cm.

CAP 4001 has a semi erect head angle that is convex in shape. The seeds it contains are medium bold with 44-46 grams per 100ml.

This variety is ideal for planting late 

CAP 4000

Full season maturity

CAP 4000 is a medium to full season maturity variety which enables it to maximize yield in a wide range of conditions.

It has shown excellent yield potential in testing and production through-out the world since commercial release.

CAP 4000 has an excellent level of resistance to the major sunflower diseases including leaf rust, albugo white blister and alternaria.

CAP 4000 produces a very good oil percentage with a high level of poly-unsaturated oil. It also has many other desirable agronomic traits including high levels of lodging resistance from thick stalks. It has semi-pendulous heads which help to reduce sunburn, head rot and bird problems.