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CAP 4000

Full season maturity

CAP 4000 is a medium to full season maturity variety which enables it to maximize yield in a wide range of conditions.

It has shown excellent yield potential in testing and production through-out the world since commercial release.

CAP 4000 has an excellent level of resistance to the major sunflower diseases including leaf rust, albugo white blister and alternaria.

CAP4000 10.jpg

CAP 4064

Medium - late maturing

With exceptional self-compatibility, this high yielding sunflower hybrid has proven itself around the world as a top performer. CAP 4064 is a medium-late maturity hybrid with excellent standability and disease resistance.

CAP 4064 is a medium-late maturing variety that reaches 50% flower in approximately 75 days. Harvest can be expected in approximately 140 days, depending on conditions.


CAP 4065

Medium maturing

CAP 4065 is a high yielding, medium maturity
hybrid that consistently produces seed with a very high oil content. Coupled with excellent standability and a high degree of self-compatibility, CAP 4065 is the hybrid of choice for discerning growers.

CAP 4065 produces excellent yields under a wide range of conditions. It has a consistently high oil content - a bonus when the market pays an oil premium to growers. CAP 4065 also has very good standability.

AGSUN 2.jpg

AGSUN 8251

Stay Green

AGSUN 8251 has the highest long-term yield average in the national cultivar trials. The compact head shape helps with greater resistance against bird damage.

The Stay Green characteristic supports the plant as a mechanism to ensure better resistance against diseases that causes lodging like white rust (Albugo tragopogonis).

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