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White Hybrid Maize

CAP 9-299

CAP 9-299 is an early season white hybrid maize variety. Bred to evade the negative effects of drought. This variety contains good yield stability across sites with it performing well from low to high altitude environments.

It has a flint semi-flint grain type with low cob placement on the plant. It has a yield potential up to 8 mt/ha and very high tolerance to ear rot. It also has excellent root lodging resistance and good tolerance for Northern corn leaf blight. CAP 9-299 has a moderate resistance to Grey leaf spot, rust and maize streak virus.

Even though it is recommended that this hybrid be planted in areas with high rainfall, it also does well when planted in low moisture environments.

    - Prolific
    - Semi Flint
    - Extended Pollination
    - Drought and stress tolerant
    - Maturity days: 90 - 115 days
    - Good for silage and as a quick follow up crop
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