Drought tolerant

A stoloniferous and rhizomatous perennial used for Grazing. Requires a high level of fertility. Adapted to areas with over 900mm rainfall. Does especially well in the mistbelt. Kikuyu has one of the highest yield potential of all grasses.

WHITTET Kikuyu is a deep rooted self repair- ing perennial grass. It forms a dense turf and spreads by stolons, which creep both above and below the soil surface. It is predominately spring summer active with a very small amount of win- ter growth. It is used either as a stand alone turf option in turf blends with Tall fescue or Ryegrass. It is extremely hardy and can tolerate high levels of traffic.

The best time for sowing is late spring, to late summer, as long as your temperature is within the optimum temperatures of 18-29°C, you can expect germination.