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JOSEFINA is a new barley variety that was released by INTA in Argentina. It is a multipurpose, malting barley grain that performs very well as a wet or dry grain. It is also ideal for whole plant silage due to its high grain production. It adapts as well to grazing purposes, yielding forage at a very early stage.

​Due to its short growth cycle, the land is free to be used for a second crop 15 days earlier than with other cultivars. This results in an earlier fallow and planting of soybeans. This allows the variety to fit in tight crop rotations.

JOSEFINA is an excellent choice for silage due to the fact that it has a very high grain and total biomass production, and it has a very high silage dry matter content. 

This variety has very good tolerance to cold temperatures. It is also noted as having good drought resistance.

    - Excellent variety for silage
    - Very early variety
    - Very good tolerance to cold temperatures
    - Great for grain
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