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Namoi (Vicia villosa) is a mid season, hard seeded, self regenerating annual with a semi erect growth habit. Namoi is suited to a wide range of soil types, performing better on lighter soil types compared to other Vetch species. It is well adapted to low rainfall situations and suited to long term cropping rotations whilst providing the added benefits of moderate drought tolerance and being a highly efficient and effective soil nitrogen producer. Mature plants form a dense canopy providing strong weed competition. Namoi is ideal as a break crop and is well suited for hay production or turned in as a green manure crop to improve soil health.

Pest Resistance - Namoi is susceptible to Red Legged Earth Mite (Halotydens destructor), Cow Pea Aphid (Aphis craccivora), and Native Bud Worm (Helicoverpapunctigera) and appropriate control measures should be taken prior to or soon after gemination.

    - Mid maturing self regulating annual
    - Indeterminate flowering
    - Moderately drought tolerant
    - Suitable for grazing, hay and green manure
    - Excellent disease break
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