Dormancy group 6

AURORA is intermediate in appearance with a growth habit that is moderatly erect than that of similar varieties, with slightly thicker stems. Its flower colour is predominantly purplemauve with a low proportion of variegation.

AURORA was bred to incorporate resistance to the spotted alfalfa aphid, the blue-green aphid, phytophthora root rot and colletotrichum crown rot into a cultivar adapted to the major lucerne growing areas. Spotted alfalfa and blue-green aphids have been shown to cause substantial yield losses in susceptible cultivars.

AURORA is a general purpose variety suited to both haymaking and grazing situations. 

SA Standard

Dormancy group 6

The old reliable South African variety. Winter dormant, minimum rainfall of 350 mm required. Responds well to moisture but can also withstand drought conditions. Produces high yields in spring, summer and autumn. Can tolerate high temperatures. Dormancy group 6 - 6 


Dormancy group 7

Your fields deserve the best. Very fast regrowth after each cutting, very early startup after winter, high content in digestible proteins, dormancy 6 and highly winter hardy. It also has good summer drought tolerance. 



Dormancy group 10

CAP10-TEN is a Winter-active variety generally growing right through the winter period. 


CAP10-TEN has vigorous seedlings which can be an advantage in early winter sowings. CAP10-TEN also has a longer harvesting season, fast regrowth and high overall production during the early years, so may suit shorter rotations.