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Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

50FIFTY is the newest release from Capstone
Seeds. It is bred from the top breeders in New
Zealand. It is a diploid perennial which adds
exceptional value to the basket of perennials
already been distributed by Capstone Seeds, by
producing high Autumn production.



Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

24Seven is a new release from DLF Seeds New Zealand plant breeders, and is suited to a vast amount of regions. The production of 24Seven has been tested in several trials accross New Zealand, in which 24SEVEN has never been beaten by other commercial cultivars.



Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

Bred out of the DLF NZ Breeding program:
- Same breeding program as 24Seven
- Bred for persistence, dense (robust) tufts
   and strong summer production



Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

TACTIC is a hardy dense tillering diploid Perennial Ryegrass. TACTIC gets up and going early giving enhanced dry matter (DM) production early in the season, with great winter and early spring dry matter yields. TACTIC is very resilient and performs well under hard grazing. The attributes of TACTIC give superior animal performance and stagger free grazing of this variety as well as a hardy plant that will withstand hard grazing and persist very well.



Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass

MELROMI is a tetraploid perennial ryegrass with a medium early heading date. It is ideal for farmers wanting to achieve high livestock performance with high storking rates, as it produces very highv dry matter yields compared to other varieties.

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