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Best of both

PermaMAX is a blend of early and late flowering perennial ryegrass that maximizes winter and summer dry matter production. It allows you to get the best of both - good winter and early spring production as well as extended summer grazing.

This blend has been specially formulated to take advantage of early flowering perennial ryegrass’s excellent mid winter and spring production as well as utilizing the late flowering varieties ability to give grazing through the summer months.

As with all perennials a top up over sowing of 5-10kg is recommended in Autumn to counter the decline in production in subsequent seasons.

Plant at 25kg/ha with seed drill at 30kg/ha if broadcasting. 

Big Five Mix.png

Big Five Mix

Autumn Planted Perennial Pasture

A COVER CROP is grown mainly to prevent soil erosion by covering the ground with living vegetation and living roots that hold on to the soil. This, of course, is related to managing soil organic matter, because the topsoil lost during erosion contains the most organic matter of any soil layer. 

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