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Annual Summer Grasses - Pearl Millet and Hybrid Forage Sorghum

Updated: May 28, 2021


SPEEDFEED can be planted in December. SPEEDFEED is good herbage for dairy cattle, growing calves and horses. There is no danger of prussix acid poisoning. SPEEDFEEDhas a very fast germination rate. SPEEDFEED tolerates poor acid soils better than maize. SPEEDFEED has a higher sugar content and improved Rust tolerance. It also is noted as being very drought tolerant. SPEEDFEED is a warm season annual grass adapted to sandy soils. It is economical at- plant population is 5-8kg/ ha. SPEEDFEED can be used for grazing, hay, greenchop and silage. SPEEDFEED SUPER is a Hybrid Millet which means that it will grow taller thanSPEEDFEED making it better suited for silage. SPEEDFEED has better regrowth for grazing purposes.


Multicut is excellent for dry matter production with a high protein and energy content. Multicut can be grazed, cut for hay, silage or fed as green chop and has a quick initial growth with grazing from 3-6 weeks after planting. The re-growth and tillering is rapid and it can grow 50mm a day to a height of 3m. Multicut has been bred to surpass many of the existing hybrids in dry matter production, protein and energy content, disease and drought tolerance. It also has rapid re-growth under heavy grazing and unfavourable growing conditions.

  • Grazing within 3-6 weeks of planting

  • Disease and drought resistant

  • High tonnages with superb feed values

  • Uses: grazed, hay, silage or green chop

  • Will ratoon after hail or insect damage

  • High energy feed for dairy or beef cattle



Late flowering ensures longer utilization and greater yield. This variety is Photoperiod sensitive (PPS) and needs 12hrs:20mins of day length to remain vegetative. It is a Sorghum x Sudangrass. It has a very high yield of quality dry matter as well as a wide window for harvest. It has large, very long leaves that enhance the quality. It has excellent regrowth and recovery. It has a wide use - direct pasture, cell grazing, green chop or silage-one cut.

  • 150-160 days of growth

  • Can be harvested 3-4 times a season

  • Plant colour is tan

  • Grain colour is red

  • Aprox. Seeds/KG = 36000

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