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Farmers (and their animals) can now “have their cake, and eat it too”!

Diploid Perennial Ryegrass 24SEVEN EDGE

24SEVEN Edge is a new release from DLF Seeds New Zealand plant breeders, and is suited to a vast amount of regions. The novel endophyte Edge provides this grass with the protection from black beetle, Argentine stem weevil (ASW), pasture mealy bug and root aphid, without affecting animal production or health.

The production of 24SEVEN has been tested in several trials (4 completed, 10 current) accross New Zealand, in which 24SEVEN has never been beaten by other commercial cultivars. It also has unusually strong cool-season growth for such a late heading date (see graph below). 24SEVEN therefore breaks the old dilemma created from late heading ryegrass having less early-spring growth than mid-heading cultivars.

24SEVEN has very high Neutral detergent fiber (NDF), which is the most useful measure of feeding value. NDF is a predictor of voluntary intake because it provides bulk or fill.

24SEVEN also produces stems and flower heads 24 days later than standard data cultivars, so it extends the period of high energy and protein pasture in late spring by almost one month.

Farmers (and their animals) can now “have their cake, and eat it too”!

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