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White Hybrid Maize

CAP 90-01

CAP 90-01 is widely adapted for all Southern
African conditions. It is tolerant to most maize
diseases in Southern and Eastern Africa.

It has a high potential of yielding over 14mt/ha
in certain areas of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

It is also adapted to other areas with reasonable
rainfall expectations.

It has excellent disease resistance making this
hybrid suited to high disease pressure areas.

Capstone Seeds recommends that, in order to maximize the yield, one should plant early.

CAP 90-01 is a tall late hybrid south of 26 latitude
and medium maturing as you travel north of this. It has high yields under irrigation and good
performance under dry-land conditions. It is widely utilized for grain as well as for silage in certain areas, this is due to CAP 90-01 being a tall leafy plant producing high amounts of dry matter and starch per hectare.

    -Utilized for grain and silage
    -Yield under Irrigation up to 15 tons per hectare
    -Yield in dry land 9-11 tons per hectare
    -Silage potential 65 - 70 tons per hectare.
    -Medium maturing hybrid: 135-145 days
    -Tall with white flint grain
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