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White Hybrid Maize

CAP 9021

CAP 9021 is a high yielding hybrid which performs well in high potential regions. This hybrid has done well as a silage variety. It has been noted to have grain yields of over 10mt/ha as the norm. Silage yield potential of between 65-80mt/ha under ideal conditions.

It has flinty grain type with excellent milling quality too. Is also has good resistant to Grey Leaf Spot, ear rot and rust. This variety is medium maturing North of 26 latitude and becomes late maturing to the South of that, where it is mainly used for silage. CAP 9021 has a tall plant structure and generally produces one large ear.

We recommend it for 1A, 2A and 3A for grain and region 4 for silage.

    - Medium to late maturity- plant early: 120-135 days
    - Semi-flint, large kernels
    - Tall and leafy plant structure: 2.2 - 2.8m plant height
    - Resistant to most foliar diseases
    - Recommended plant population 48 000 plants/ha
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