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Soft-Leafed Tall Fescue

This fescue is a widely adapted cool season grass. Tall fescues are used extensively due to their superior summer production. New generation of tall fescue which is the soft-leafed tall fescues.


BARIANE is a fine-leafed tall fescue. It is later maturing than other varieties and in palatability studies, it ranks number one. BARIANE is listed in many European countries that test tall fescue for intensive grazing practices. It combines late maturity, feed quality and palatability.


Best use for grazing

JESSUP is best adapted to clay or clay loam soils. It is tolerant to acid soils and poor drainage, but not well suited to sandy soils.

JESSUP is widely adapted and well suited to reclamation and erosion control. The sowing rate for JESSUP is 25kg/ha.

The seed should be planted art least 10 weeks before the first frosts are expected.

When JESSUP is fed to cattle, average daily gains of 1kg/day are possible and it is widely adapted and can survive light grazing with little managment.

JESSUP will produce large quantities of highly palatable grass. 

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