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Soft-Leafed Tall Fescue

This fescue is a widely adapted cool season grass. Tall fescues are used extensively due to their superior summer production. New generation of tall fescue which is the soft-leafed tall fescues.


BARIANE is a fine-leafed tall fescue. It is later maturing than other varieties and in palatability studies, it ranks number one. BARIANE is listed in many European countries that test tall fescue for intensive grazing practices. It combines late maturity, feed quality and palatability.

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Soft-Leafed for quality winter production

Boschhoek is ideally suited for South African conditions. Whereas most Fescues have fairly course leaves, resulting in lower palatability, Boschhoek, with its relatively soft leaves, is more acceptable to the grazing animal and therefore of wider use. It is also useful for sowing in heavy bottom-land soils as a permanent pasture. 


Best use for grazing

JESSUP is best adapted to clay or clay loam soils. It is tolerant to acid soils and poor drainage, but not well suited to sandy soils.

JESSUP is widely adapted and well suited to reclamation and erosion control. The sowing rate for JESSUP is 25kg/ha.

The seed should be planted art least 10 weeks before the first frosts are expected.



Tall Fescue Type

Main traits of FELINA are a high yield potential, persistence, drought resistance and tolerance to high level of subsoil water, meaning it can take “wet feet or vlei areas”. FELINA can be used as substitute for meadow fescue and tall fescue, these festulolium varieties have better feeding value - measured by higher content of sugar and energy. FELINA has a good early spring growth as well as a high production in late summer.

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Very High Quality

Tall fescue soft leafiness is essential to get
a good forage palatability and grazing animal
productivity. Because tall fescue had originally
very tough leaves and was not very well consumed by animals, our breeders have been working for many years to obtain incredibly soft fescues. CALLINA has emerged from this breeding program to offer very soft leaves resulting in excellent palatability and digestibility, in turn giving us a high quality forage.

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