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Mid flowering time

The preferred grain variety for lower rainfall areas (less than 350 mm), BLANCHEFLEUR shows improved ascochyta resistance and dry matter production over Languedoc. BLANCHEFLEUR is a mid maturing variety and is one of the few Vicia sativa varieties to display the distinct white flowers after which the variety has been named. 


Indeterminate flowering

NAMOI (Vicia villosa) is a mid season, hard seeded, self regenerating annual with a semi erect growth habit. NAMOI is suited to a wide range of soil types, performing better on lighter soil types compared to other Vetch species. It is well adapted to low rainfall situations and suited to long term cropping rotations whilst providing the added benefits of moderate drought tolerance and being a highly efficient and effective soil nitrogen producer. Mature plants form a dense canopy providing strong weed competition. NAMOI is ideal as a break crop and is well suited for hay production or turned in as a green manure crop to improve soil health. 

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