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Excellent grazing for winter

CAPTAIN is a tetraploid Westerwold ryegrass and as a Tetraploid, CAPTAIN has larger seeds than the average ryegrass variety. A tetraploid plant has 4 sets of chromosomes per cell, compared with a normal diploid plant that has two sets. The cells are therefore bigger and have a high- er ration of cell contents (soluble carbohydrates) to cell wall (fiber). This means CAPTAIN has a higher palatability and digestibility. Excellent mid-winter production and rapid growth. 


Passerel Plus ER7

High quality forage 

Passerel Plus variety, well known for forage yield, outstanding rust resistance and cold tolerance, has undergone a recent upgrade. This upgrade includes Extended Root technolgy giving it a deeper longer root system aiding the plant during the growing season. An improved root system not only aids the plant during times of drought, but also proves to endure wet springs. In trials Passerel Plus ER7 has proven to be a consistent performer featuring good autumn and spring growth making it well suited for grazing, hay or silage.

Passerel Plus

Cool season diploid 

PASSEREL PLUS tolerates poorly drained soils, but thrives on well-drained soils with good water holding capacity. It is cold tolerant and rust resistant.

PASSEREL PLUS is mainly used as grazing forage for light rotational grazing starting in late autumn. It is highly productive in late spring and early summer. PASSEREL PLUS can be cut for high quality hay. It is very good for late autumn and spring growth.


Excellent winter production

JIVET is an annual ryegrass that is very quick to establish, and it has excellent winter and spring performance and improved feed quality in spring.

JIVET has an excellent reputation for its high yields and high feed value of its silage, and is a preferred cultivar to maximize production between maize crops.

As JIVET is a premium grass, it is not as cheap as some old cultivars, but is actually more profitable to grow and has been extensively tested in South Africa. The performance of cattle on JIVET is also excellent. 

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