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Green Mealie or Grain Crop

ISILO is a quick maturing, highly resilient variety. It is popular for its consistent yields and highly recommended in the pollination of most other short and medium season cultivars. 


ZM 309 internationaly

SHESHA is a white semi-flint, early maturing OPV with high yield potential in drought prone areas. The OPV has good resistance to Maize steak virus, Grey leaf spot and Rust. It also has tolerance to drought and low-N stress. SHESHA is recommended for lowland, particularly where drought is a common occurrence. This variety matures earlier than ZM421 and is likely to replace it because of its yield and earliness, advantages to Leaf Blight (Ht), Rust and most common diseases. 


Bred for the lowlands of Mozambique and Swaziland 

MATUBA SELECT is a quick flint variety that is suitable for coastal regions. It has good Downey mildew resistance and good storability. It is not as susceptible to weevil damage because it is a flint grain. 

Nelson's Choice (PBR) 

NELSON’S CHOICE is a synthetic open pollinated variety (SOPV) with excellent resistance to Grey Leaf Spot (GLS) and a medium maturity. Grain type is hard and pure white. It has good standability and well synchronized for silk emergence and pollen shedding. This results in a very stable and consistent yield performance. 

Nelson's Choice QPM (PBR) 

This variety has higher yields and up to twice as much usable protein. Consumption of QPM maize can lower risk for malnutrition disorders such as Kwashiorkor. 


ZM 521 is a white semi-flint grain maize with excellent GLS resistance and was bred by CIMMYT for Sub-Saharan Africa. It has an intermediate maturity. 


ZM 421 is a white semi-flint/semi-dent early maturing variety. It has a good grain yield and drought tolerance. It also has good tolerance to low soil fertility and acid soils. 


ZM 523 has an average plant height of 180- 185cm with intermediate maturity. It has white semi-dent grain with 14-16 kernel rows per ear. It has a high yield potential and was selected due to tolerance for drought, N stress and low soil pH. 



NKUNZI is a high yielding conventional white OPV which performs well in various climatic conditions. 
NKUNZI can be used as a cheap multipurpose mealie. It develops good grain and lots of leafy silage.

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