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Perennial Ryegrass

Billabong (Diploid)

A midseason diploid perennial ryegrass bred for high input grazing systems.

Billabong is a forage perennial ryegrass suited to a wide range of enterprises. Billabong is a mid maturing variety with an extended grazing season into the summer before going to head. The increased growth curve results in even more dry matter production year after year compared to earlier manufacturing varieties.

Billabong is easy to establish in the autumn and shows rapid growth in the spring. It is an excellent rust tolerance and is resistant to most disease. Billabong may be sown in a wide range of soil types. It performs best in areas receiving over 700 mm of rainfall or with irrigation.

Billabong can be sown on its own, (25 - 35 kg/ha) or as part of a pasture mix with clovers and fescue. This "all around" ryegrass ideally suits set flocking and rotational grazing systems for cattle and sheep.

    -Rapid and vigorous seedling establishment.
    -Excellent disease resistance.
    -Maintains grazing into summer.
    -Produces outstanding live weight gains.
    -Ideal component of perennial pasture blends.
    -Sowing rate 25 - 35 kg/ha
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