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Westerwold Ryegrass


Captain is a tetraploid Westerwold ryegrass and as a Tetraploid, Captain has larger seeds than the average ryegrass variety. A tetraploid plant has 4 sets of chromosomes per cell, compared with a normal diploid plant that has two sets. The cells are therefore bigger and have a high- er ration of cell contents (soluble carbohydrates) to cell wall (fiber). This means CAPTAIN has a higher palatability and digestibility. Excellent mid-winter production and rapid growth. Due to large seeds it is also recommended for oversow- ing Kikuyu after first frost. It can still produce good grazing in winter when planted late, due to cold tolerance.

    -Excellent grazing for winter
    -High in sugar content
    -Very palatable
    -Outstanding regrowth
    -Suitable for cattle, sheep and horses
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