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Fodder Radish


GEISHA has a soft leaf that makes it extremely palatable. It has large cylindrical and prominent bulbs. It was bred by the ARC- RFI at the Cedara Centre in Pietermaritzburg. It is frost tolerant winter forage that has the ability to bulk up a large amount of highly nutritious forage per hectare. It has the benefit of filling the winter feed gap.

It can survive on low levels of nitrogen fertilization. It should also be noted that for dry-land cultivation it is essential to start preparing the land at the beginning of the season. GEISHA must be planted early enough to ensure bulk before winter, but not so early that it will bolt to seed before winter. One should plant GEISHA in January in areas that normally experience the first frost in mid-April and early March in areas where the first frost occurs in May. 

    - Extremely palatable
    - Frost tolerant
    - Fills the winter feed gap
    - Can be chopped and fed, or grazed
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