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Fodder Radish


It is well known that Japanese radish is a proven frost tolerant winter forage, and has the ability to bulk up large quantity of highly nutritious forage per hectare. This feed can be utilised if need be in a single day or held for relatively long periods until required without a serious deterioration in quality.

Radish is far less expensive than many other commonly used winter feeds in terms of costs per ton of D. M because for the dry matter yield potential, the seed and fertiliser costs are relatively low.

Capstone seeds is well aware of the important role that Japanese radish plays in filling the winter feed gap and so in conjunction with ARC - Range and Forage Institute at Cedara they have released two new varieties that have great advantage over the traditional Nooitgedacht.

Samurai has bulbs that are large, cylindrical, prominent and uniform. It is also frost tolerant. In challenging weather conditions, Samurai stands out head and shoulders above the Nooitgedacht variety.

    -The bulbs are large, cylindrical and very prominent
    -Samurai is the first new Japanese variety bred in South Africa in over 50 years
    -Frost tolerant winter forage
    -Ability to bulk up a large quantity of highly nutritious forage per hectare
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