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Italian Ryegrass

Sustainer (Diploid)

Sustainer has exceptional, High Dry Matter Production and, under correct management, can be a biennial.

Italian ryegrass is one of the fastest growing grasses available to farmers. Italian ryegrass establishes well, has early spring growth, rapid regrowth after cutting and offers good digestibility.

Because Italian ryegrass thrives in all kinds of soils, it is used extensively for pasture purposes and often in mixtures with red clover. Sustainer is a diploid Italian variety.

    -Reproductive later than other ryegrass varieties.
    -Exceptionally high dry matter production.
    -Very good late spring/ early summer grazing.
    -Vigorous seedling.
    -Rapid growth.
    -Excellent palatability.
    -Good response to rainfall and irrigation.
    -Ideal short term pasture mix with annual clovers
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