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Highly productive in winter

HAIFA is a highly productive winter active variety suited to rotational grazing systems in higher rainfall areas.

As with all white clovers it is important to ensure that seed is not sown too deep and that pastures are frequently grazed to ensure light penetration to enhance plant establishment and development. White clover is generally not competitive with annual ryegrass species. 

White Clover




Effective as a pasture legume 

Red clover is effective as a pasture legume and for hay. It can withstand more shading in the seedling stage than most other legumes, making it easy to establish together with grass.

Red clover is most productive on soils of medium to high fertility levels with a soil pH of 5.5 or higher with good internal drainage. It is better than alfalfa at tolerating and growing on soils of low pH and low fertility with poor drainage. 

Red Clover
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