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Spada Chicory taken at George Research Station South Africa

Chicory Spada

High yielding, perennial forage

SPADA offer rapid establishment and excellent winter growth. It provides high quality feed for high stocking rates. It is possible to sow in both autumn and in spring.

It is useful as a hard grazing option in a rotational system. It has been seen to offer excellent weight gains. There is always the option to mix it into pasture.

SPADA has been noted to have a good protein to energy rating. It requires a minimum rainfall of 500mm and a life span of 2-3 years. It’s seeding rate on dryland is 3kg/ha and on high rainfall or irrigated land 5kg/ha can be used. 


Plantain Tonic

Winter active herb

Tonic is an excellent, versatile perennial herb used in pastures for sheep and cattle. TONIC is highly adaptable to different ground and climate types because of its deep, dense root system and a suitable 2-3 year crop option due to its genetic toughness, resulting in a positive impact on milk production when grass quality decreases in summer.

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