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Yellow Hybrid Maize

CAP 9444

CAP 9444 NG medium maturing variety with approximately 120 - 135 days to maturity. It is moderately resistant to leaf Blight (H. t.), Rust and most common maize diseases. CAP 9444 NG is not recommended in areas with high incidence of G.L.S, unless a strict preventative spray programme is adhered to.

CAP 9444 NG will tolerant stressful drought conditions and has a yield potential of above 8 tons per hectare, out yielding major competitors in trails to date.

CAP 9444 NG can have up to 3 cobs per plant and produces good yields even under low plant populations. A cob can have 16 rows with 45 kernels per row (720 kernels per cob).

    - Very good standability
    - Very dense grain
    - High shelling percentage
    - Good husk cover
    - Hard orange grain
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