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White Open Pollinated Maize

Nelson's Choice

Nelson’s Choice is a synthetic open pollinated variety (SOPV) with excellent resistance to Grey Leaf Spot (GLS) and a medium maturity. Grain type is hard and pure white. It has good standability and well synchronised for silk emergence and pollen shedding. This results in a very stable and consistent yield performance.

It has good resistance to Leaf Blight and Rust and is moderately resistant to Maize Steak Virus. It is also known for being an excellent green mealie.

    -A synthetic open pollenated variety.
    -Excellent resistance to GLF.
    -Medium maturity
    -Grain type is hard and pure white
    -Good resistance to Leaf Blight and Rust
    -Moderate resistance to Maize Streak Virus
    -Excellent Green Mealie.
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