White Open Pollinated Maize

ZM 523

ZM 521 is a white semi-flint grain maize with excellent GLS resistance and was...

White Hybrid Maize

CAP 9299

CAP 9299 is an early season white hybrid maize variety. Bred to evade the negative...

White Open Pollinated Maize


Isilo is a quick maturing, highly resilient variety. It is popular for its consistent yields...

Yellow Hybrid Maize

CAP 341

CAP 341 NG is a highly reliable short season hybrid, having good germination and...

White Open Pollinated Maize

Matuba Select

Matuba Select is a quick flint variety that is suitable for coastal regions. It has...

White Open Pollinated Maize

Nelson's Choice

Nelson’s Choice is a synthetic open pollinated variety (SOPV) with excellent resistance to...

Yellow Open Pollinated Maize

Okavango Flint

Okavango Flint, a medium season yellow cultivar, is a popular as a poultry and...

Yellow Hybrid Maize

CAP 9444

CAP 9444 NG medium maturing variety with approximately 120 - 135 days to maturity. It is...

White Hybrid Maize

Cap 9001

CAP 9001 is widely adapted for all Southern African conditions. It is tolerant to most...

White Hybrid Maize

CAP 9616

CAP 9-619 is a high yielding white hybrid. This hybrid has a long pollination period...

Yellow Hybrid Maize

CAP 9-522

CAP 9-522 is a medium maturity, prolific hybrid. This hybrid has long cylindrical cobs with...

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