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White Open Pollinated Maize

ZM 523

ZM 521 is a white semi-flint grain maize with excellent GLS resistance and was bred by CIMMYT for Sub-Saharan Africa. It has and intermediate maturity.

ZM 521 yields 30 -50 % more than traditional varieties under drought and low soil fertility. These are two problems that commonly keep smallholder farmers in cycle of poverty. The economic return of these varieties over seasons, particularly when grown in harsh environments may therefore match that of expensive hybrid seed.

Many varieties were evaluated using “Mother- Baby Trails” followed by a large number of demonstration plots. Mother-Baby Trails very effectively assess the performance and acceptance of new varieties under smallholder farmers’ conditions.

ZM 521 excellent particularly under drought and low fertility conditions. The grain is more flinty than grain of commercial hybrids. Farmers perceive that flint grain dries more quickly and stores better than dent grain. Farmers like the amount of flour produced when this flint grain is milled and the good stamp or mealie meal they get when it is pounded.

    -Excellent GLS resistance
    -Bred for Sub-Saharan Africa
    -Yields 30 - 50 %
    -Good under drought and fertility conditions
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