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Weeping Love Grass


One of the most useful pastures, especially in the Highveld because it is easy to establish and invariably grows well even on poor soils. Outstanding acid soil tolerance. A relatively short summer grazing period. It starts growing early in spring but does not produce much bulk until early summer.

The great ease with which this grass can be established on virtually any soil type, accounts for the tremendous area planted throughout the world. Furthermore it has a long life, is tolerant to grazing mismanagement, provides good spring grazing and is by far the easiest grass of which to make hay.

To obtain a good feed value however, it requires high Nitrogen fertilisation, thus making it a rather high cost pasture.

- A tufted perennial
- Particularly well suited to Highland Courveld, but will grow wherever the rainfall is more than about 700 mm. Prefers light soils
- Primarily a hay grass (cures easily). Also grazing and silage. Unpalatable if allowed to become too rank and if not well fertilised with nitrogen. Very useful in leys- extensive root system aids build-uo of soil structure.
- Sow 2-4 kg/ha
- Ermelo is the best available but better grazing types may be selected in time

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