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Blue Buffalo Grass

Gayandah/ Molopo

A tufted, perennial summer growing grass. Under favourable conditions the grass has lush foliage with characteristic blue/green colour. It has high leaf production and palatability.

Adapted too hot low rainfall areas of South Africa. Usually used for beef cattle but also sustainable for dairy cows, sheep, horses and for making hay.

Molopo grows up to 1,6 m tall, Gayandah grows to a height of 1 m (finer texture). Mainly used by beef cattle farmers, dairy cattle and sheep (esp. Gayandah).

Grows best in a subtropical climate with a minimum 300 mm per annum, and prefers heavier soils, but can grow on most types of soil.

Yearly aeration of the soil to a depth of 15-20 cm as well as cutting back of dead material to stimulate new tillers is required. Bloubuffel / Blue Buffalo grass should be grazed during early, succulent stage. There are a number of advantages for using Bloubuffel/ Blue Buffalo grass- it’s palatable with high leaf production, extremely drought resistant, lifespan of 30+ years, high grazing value, recovers rapidly after defoliation and develops new shoots from rhizomes, has ability to re-seed, no danger of bloating, outstanding disease tolerance.

Disadvantages include that it will survive water logging for a short period only and has poor frost tolerance.

- Good disease resistance
- Very Low in hydrocyanic acid (prussic acid)
- Has the palatability characteristic of sweet Sudan grass

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